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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Creative Sources: Textured Walls June

We’ve spotted some rather gorgeous wall textures amongst our Creative Sources this week.



Soft squares and rectangles


Textile texture tiling from Mutina


A touch of 3D geometric

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Setting a style to sell

3395 Dec14 Centro - No Code (FLAT) V2 FAR_edited-1

We’ve recently art directed the photography style for a leading independent distributor’s new marketing initiatives.

Our in-house stylists and creatives compiled a number of possible creative routes to best present the product offering for the distributor's re-imagined designer bathroom brand.

Impressed by our creativity - and with the photographic art direction now set following our consultation - Set Visions have been asked to create a number of CGI photography images for the distributor. The CGI interior shots we are crafting will be amongst some of the key images to be incorporated in their new brochure.

Set Visions pride ourselves on being able to create the very best photorealistic CGI photography in the market. Combining the very best CGI artists with our years of photography experience, we are able to create a lifelike quality unrivalled by our competitors.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Our photographers and CGI artists get together, to get a-head. Photogrammetry.

RobHead scan-chrome

RobHead scan-wood

RobHead scan-texture

Much of our ability to create unrivalled photorealistic CGI photography comes from our decades of photographic experience.

Much of our work relies heavily on collaboration between our CGI artists and the photography team. This last few weeks they’ve both been getting technical and (re)discovering the art of photogrammetry.

3d scanning has been around for a long time. It comes in various forms and has a wide range of uses. Similarly photogrammetry ((link - has been around since the 80's. It is the process of extrapolating 3d data from 2d photographs. With the advent of GPU parallel processing combined with high quality studio DSLR cameras (which we have), photogrammetry has had a new lease of life.

Set Visions have been experimenting with photogrammetry these last few weeks and have been able to use it to capture, traditionally difficult, organic forms (like Rob, one of our photographers', heads) and detailed textures - meaning we can add textures and intricate props to our CGI much faster… meaning the quality and cost efficiencies get passed on to our clients.

Rob’s head was created using a pair of uncalibrated cameras and some even lighting.

As you can see, once the asset has been created, the possibilities are endless. Marble bust, Carved wood, T2000!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Creative Sources: Bronze & Brass - the new Copper



Largely popularised by Tom Dixon, Copper has been in the shiny spotlight for interiors for quite some time now - it’s an essential prop for adding a touch of luxury to our photography and CGI room sets.

But… our ‘Creative Sources’ point out a skip around the Periodic Table. Brass and Bronze are the new essential luxurious elements.

Creative Sources:

Monday, June 22, 2015

Creative Sources: Geometric Trend June

The ‘Geometric’ trend has been one that we’ve been utilising when styling for some of our lifestyle product photography and CGI photography.

It has a simple complexity that demonstrates a considered approach to interior design – and one that many of our design led client’s customers aspire to recreate.

Here’s some squares, circles, triangles, lines, pyramids, repeated patterns etc. from our favorite blogs and internet sources that have ‘drawn’ our attention over the last week.


Bold and bright colours are also amongst our current trend focuses – combined with these geometric lines – these ceramics are gorgeous!


Who would have thought food could be so beautiful. Which is your favorite cube?


Small yet perfectly geometrically formed – Electrictrends’ Micro Trend article covers some perfect props for geometric styling.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Creative Sources: Cloudy Escapism


Our creative team of stylists, photographers and CGI artists rely heavily on inspiration from all corners of the globe to help influence our trend focused creative work.

The internet makes this easy. Our regular ‘Creative Sources’ blog post packages up all the recent articles and images from various online sources that have inspired - us - our work - and now… hopefully you.

Cloudy Escapism is the label assigned to one of our current key trends.

As our world becomes increasingly saturated with work, work, work and information overload - we need to create space to escape - be it in our minds, places to travel or our homes and interiors.

Here’s some captivating imagery that’s helped us escape this week…

Escape to the forest

Escape to Iceland

Friday, June 12, 2015

Set Visions help direct the colour trends of 2015/16


Based on their previous experience of working with Set Visions, one of our ongoing clients, a leading DIY and trade retailer, asked us to help direct their project at its early strategic stages. Impressed by our taste making, strategic, creative talents - Set Visions’ Stylists and Art Directors were given the privilege to direct the colour trends for their latest home décor paint range.

Taking their full paint product range, we used our trend knowledge to create and name a series of colour pallets which would work around the latest interior trends.

With the creative vision and colour trends for the project defined – we then went on to create a range of lifestyle brochure photography which truly brought our client’s campaign to life… and will, no doubt, many of their customers homes.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Adding some style to the Edinburgh Marathon



Last Sunday our Head of Creative, Jal Hilson, saw the culmination of months of training come to fruition as she took part in the Edinburgh Marathon. As one of our lead stylists, she certainly added a touch of style and glamour to the mean streets of the Scottish capital.

Although sporting pink, and topping off with blue hair… her efforts were Green – helping raise awareness and cash for the Cool Earth ( charity who work with indigenous people to help halt rainforest destruction.

And… the results are in!

An amazing time of 3h 47mins – PLUS over £500 raised for Cool Earth.

Donations still being accepted –

Well done Jal.

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