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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jeepers Creepers

Here is a real-life horror story, team Set Vision’s transformation is eerily…normal. This terror of tails was created by our very own retouching department who took true delight in transforming our MDs! Quite a side step of their daily tasks of retouching our lifestyle photography and bespoke CGI designs. This family of true terrors wish you all a screamin’ Halloweeeeeeen!

Mock up MARC

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

CG Show Case

These contemporary CGI visuals are based on a high end gloss cashmere kitchen door for a national kitchen supplier. Concealed strip lighting is a modern architectural feature, with quirky open ended storage in the island. Mood lighting is key to the atmosphere, with designer glass pendants adding a soft intimate lifestyle feel.

a 3618 Dec15 4a Slab PVC Cashmere Gloss J Cab (MAIN) V4 (FLAT) PJH

The following cameo shots successfully show the features and benefits within the range, up-selling to the consumer. Our in-house Art Direction and commercial understanding of client’s products is key to producing these groups of shots with set design, interior trends and CG camera all contributing to the success.

b 3618 Dec15 4a Cashmere Gloss Oven Housing INSET (MAIN) V2 (DOF) PJH

c 3618 Dec15 4a Slab PVC Cashmere Gloss J Cab Hettich Sliding System INSET (DOF) V1 PJH

d 3618 Dec15 4a Slab PVC Cashmere Gloss J Cab J Cab INSET V1 (DOF) PJH

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Le Sweepstake

Euro 2016-Subbuteo-Blog (RT)

We challenged Rob, our football mad photographer, to produce a Euro 2016 inspired image showcasing his creative talents. He used a combination of macrophotography, still life photography and table top photography to cleverly illustrate our company sweepstake.

Assisted by retoucher Ben, he seamlessly integrated staff member heads on their corresponding teams to produce a disturbing insight into how we’d look like as Subbuteo figures!

(From left to right) Our in house set builder Ady has Germany, our office manager Tracy (had) England and CGI artist Owen has France.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Eyes on the prize

Following last month’s success in the Design Connected Bar Stools Competition Set Visions have entered more of our CGI interior images into another visualisation competition. This month is it for CGarchitect. The CGarchitect Architectural 3D Awards are the largest awards event for the architectural visualization industry. Now in its 13th year, the awards attract entries from top studios, freelancers and students from around the world. Here at Set Visions we pride ourselves on the architectural composition and consideration of all our CGI images in addition to the quality of realism and styling. This competition is a great way to showcase this.

Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary Kitchen

Living Room


Thursday, June 23, 2016

The devil is in the detail!

This month PIX invites you to take sneak peek behind the scenes into our world of CGI photography. This CGI time lapse video demonstrates the level of detail that is contained within each and every CGI room set; resulting in a photorealistic on trend lifestyle computer generated images. Why not sit back, turn up the volume and watch as this CGI Bathroom is brought to life!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

See the light with Pix – market leading photorealistic CGI


With the latest advances in CGI quality it is increasingly possible to generate imagery that can perfectly mimic a photograph. For our clients this brings many benefits from traditional photography. Not only can they have ideas without limitations for their set builds, but they are also able to bring many cost efficiencies through reusing the CGI sets we build for them, and also by creating multiple renders of the same products but with different finishes or in different colours. CGI also has cost savings as there is no physical set build and therefore no wastage.

But getting amazing photorealism within CGI isn’t just a case of creating a 3D room set and hitting render. The Pix team are a unique blend of traditional photographers, stylists, CGI artists and post production experts. Combined with the unique processes we employ to create Pix CGI we are able to produce photorealistic CGI that feels real to our client’s customers.

Well, believe it or not – when it comes to producing CGI that feels real, a lot of it comes down to the expertise and skills our studio has honed through operating as a traditional photography studio for over 30 years. One of the most important roles within our Pix CGI department is that of our CGI Lighting Specialists. With a background in photographic lighting – light itself is the tool of their craft.

In this blog post we are looking at some of the light and shade which encompasses their craft.

Let there be light

Lighting is one of the most important resources for civilization and in vision. Light is the stimulus input. What we see, what we interpret and what we experience is affected by how light interacts with us and with our environment. Light constitutes an element of fundamental relevance for the design of spaces. How we perceive space is essentially dependant on the lighting situation that involves both the object and the observer.

As designers we can use lighting to provoke different visual experiences and moods. In fact, with the considered implementation of lighting it is possible to perceive different atmospheres in the same physical environment. Shadows also play an important role to our observation. They can be soft or strong, they can present sharp or diffused borders. Both aesthetically and emotionally, colour and light play together intimately.


The impact of the lighting conditions depend on the colouring and even more so the way the materials behave depending on how strong, direct or focused the light is. The light affects not only the colour tone or nuance, but also the character of the material and the sharpness of the boundaries and most importantly if the colour scale seems natural and well balanced.
We also use light to enhance materials, whether subtly illuminating a wood grain or highlighting the soft sheen of satin paint. The reflections of light can make the difference in the visualisation and even influence the lighting in the room.

Understanding and considering lighting allows us to enhance the aesthetic and emotional impact of the architectural spaces throughout our work, giving our images a natural, balanced and dynamic feel, whether the use of a low sun for a kitchen breakfast setting or artificial lighting of a rooftop restaurant.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Seeing is believing. Sell your concepts with a Pix CGI visualisation.

The majority of our Pix CGI project work is focused on cost effectively visualising kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture, fittings and products within stylish roomsets. Pix CGI is perfect for these types of job as traditional physical roomset build and photography or location shoots can be extremely expensive in comparison. Plus with CGI it is relatively simple and cost effective to render products with different finishes, colours and fixtures – at a fraction of the cost of physical changes and re-shoots. Not to mention the complete removal of the complexities of the logistics for big traditional photography shoots.

Imagination brought to life
But… the nature of Pix CGI and the needs of our clients, often means our project work extends to visualising our client’s ideas at a concept stage – more often than not, to get buy in from project stakeholders and investors.

Pix CGI can create the perfect image to increase engagement in concepts which can feel flat and uninspiring if limited to written descriptions, sketches, lo-fidelity mockups or architectural visualisations.

The combination of Pix’s photorealistic output with the art direction of our in-house stylists – make for amazing images which truly captivate their intended audience, be it for a creative pitch presentation or pitch deck for your latest round of funding for a project.

Pitch winning visuals


We recently produced some pitch winning visualisations for a new client. The client, a shop fitting & interior architectural design studio, traditionally produced their imagery in house or through the architectural visualisation route. Our background in photography helped create imagery with a level of photorealism and photographic composition not possible via their traditional routes.

Proof of concepts and prototypes
Producing and photographing a physical prototype can be time consuming and expensive. Pix CGI presents a fast and cost effective solution for product and industrial designers to explore new design concepts, bring ideas to life or showcase new products. Different materials, colour and surface finishes can be visualised and refined long before anything has been manufactured.

Recently, our American division, Pix US, were asked to help visualise some proof of concept designs for a new alcohol brand’s bottle and packaging.

Range extensions testing
An existing client was looking at trialing some new finishes and designs on its office furniture range. Having already created the CGI models using their existing finishes, it was a relatively simple job for us to apply new textures and render some shots to visualise their new styling ideas.

Making the unreal… real
If you have an idea or concept that we can help materialize, with Pixels – get in touch with Pix.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Photorealism. The art of imperfection. Pix CGI.

With modern advances in CGI quality it is increasingly possible to create imagery that can perfectly mimic a photograph. For many of our clients this brings a number of benefits from traditional photography. Not only can they have ideas without limitations for their set builds, but they are also able to bring many cost efficiencies through reusing the CGI sets we build for them, and also by creating multiple renders of the same products but in different colours or with different finishes. CGI also has cost savings as there is no physical set build and therefore no wastage.

But getting amazing photorealism isn’t just a case of setting up a 3D room set and hitting the render button. The Pix team are a unique blend of traditional photographers, stylists, CGI artists and post production experts. Combined with the unique processes we employ to create Pix CGI we are able to produce photorealistic CGI that feels real to our client’s customers.


Well, believe it or not – when it comes to producing CGI that feels real, a lot of it comes down to the art of imperfection. It is a case of adding the imperfections and limitations that real sets, real cameras and real lights can create when taking a real photograph. Without these imperfections CGI can feel too perfect!

For a recent Pix CGI photography job, our client was more insistent than most that these imperfections were introduced to their CGI shots and that real period architectural details were replicated.

Here are just a few shots of many which highlight some of the imperfections and limitations we accounted for when producing the shots for our client.

No room for symmetry
The room set we built was based on a period conversion. Often when producing CGI room sets for these kinds of properties it is an easy choice to avoid some of the far from perfect lines and architectural curiosities – instead building sets which create perfect balance and symmetry when rendered as a final shot. With these shots we created a more realistic room set by incorporating the imperfect build qualities which would be found within a more typical period conversion.

No room for the camera

More often than not CGI artists will ‘cheat’ a shot. Placing virtual cameras where, in reality, if the room were within a real house, they wouldn’t be able to place a camera. For instance a wall or some fitted furniture might be in the way. The Pix CGI photographs rendered for this job accounted for all the limitations a real room within a house would place on camera placement. In this shot – the output is on the border of being a little cramped – but feels more real as a result of placing these limitations.

Perfect imperfection
All too often the finishes applied to CGI photography are so perfect that the shots can appear almost hyperreal – an unachievable reality! For the shot below the stone surrounds to the windows and doors were deliberately created so that they did not line up. The plaster was also created to blend into the stonework and not be completely vertical. This creates a very traditional period feel to the set. The ceiling boards were also created with a random pattern so that they were not too neat.

Friday, September 25, 2015

There’s nothing to lose. It’s time to give photorealistic CGI a try.

We recently approached an office furniture company to ask whether they’d thought of trying CGI as an alternative to traditional photography.

Up until that point in time they had not been convinced that CGI would give them a quality and realism becoming of their brand.

So… we thought we’d show them what Set Visions’ Pix can do.
You can see the results for yourself:




Set Visions Pix’s honed production processes are grounded by our background in lifestyle product photography.
We know what makes a great photograph.
Our photographers, stylists and CGI artists collaborate to create the perfectly lit and propped compositions.

Smart (and skilled) post-production enables us to seamlessly create composites using live models, and live photographed props such as flowers and plants which are harder to recreate within CGI to the level of realism that we demand. The results - photorealistic CGI photography that our clients love.

Cost savings. There really is nothing to lose.
Our CGI really is remarkably realistic, and with recent advances in technology, as well as our finely tuned efficient production process - it really is great value.
CGI brings a multitude of cost savings for customers who may currently use traditional photography.

For more information read the pages on our Pix website which cover:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

High Five for Pix CGI

Recently we’ve received high praise for our CGI photography from two of our most recent clients within the Kitchens & Joinery and Office Furniture industries.

High performing project management
“You`ve been a great help to us this year, and an absolute pleasure to deal with as well.”

High achiever
“Looking forward to working with you again next year, you`re a star.”

High sales
“Sales are flying on all new initiatives online”

High definition CGI - High quality CGI
“The CGI is the best out there for me!”

So… Get in touch with Set Visions Pix if you are in need of the highest quality, most photorealistic CGI photography in the market!

Office Furniture Roomset CGI Client Example

Office Furniture Roomset CGI Client Example

Kitchen Roomset CGI Client Example

Office Furniture Roomset CGI Client Example


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