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We offer a full suite of video and motion services through our in-house production team

Live Action Video

When it comes to filming video footage that sells your product's unique qualities we have the desire and capabilities to exceed your expectations.

Photographic and lighting approach

Photographic and lighting approach.

Our photographic origins mean we apply the same level of attention to detail necessary to create a perfect image to every frame of video we create. We understand photorealistic lighting and our studio is naturally well lit, but we also have a full in-house ARRI lighting rig. Which means we can cater for any lighting style that you make require.

Roomset studio space

Roomset studio space

Our large studio comes complete with our in-house set builder, meaning we can create any roomset or setting for a lifestyle product video shoot. In-house stylists make sure our sets are aspirational, yet realistic and 'lived in'.

Whiteout studio space

Whiteout studio space

For product video shoots that require a simpler, product focused aesthetic we have a dedicated whiteout studio – making it easy for us to capture the kind of clean and simple video footage that works well to support ecommerce sales.

Photorealistic CGI video

The processes and techniques we've mastered to create photorealistic CGI imagery are so unique that they are trademarked as our own brand of CGI – Pix.

Our CGI animation skills allow us to create photorealistic video content that will showcase your product exactly as you want it.

Unreal footage

Unreal footage

With Pix CGI, we can create unreal footage! Some products just can’t be filmed properly in action – which is where our photorealistic CGI comes into its own. Pix CGI video is free from the limitations of live action video, offering a brilliant way of showcasing your products in all their glory, from every angle with the added possibility of animating things like 360 exploded rotations.

Bringing your products to life

Bringing your products to life

Animated product demonstrations enable us to explain the workings of a specialist product in full detail, with a combination of technical accuracy and creative beauty. We can animate any moving parts to demonstrate how your products work. Whether you have an existing product or a prototype in CAD format, we can perfectly visualise it to photo realistic accuracy.

Precision modeling, textures and lighting

Precision modeling, textures and lighting

Our in house Pix CGI team work with extreme focus in their own areas of expertise. Our market leading photorealism can only be achieved through their collaborative brilliance. Our modelers take pride in modelling to precision – both products and characters. Our CGI artists and lighting specialist's backgrounds in video production means they truly understand how real lighting behaves and how to frame a prefect composition. Our texture specialists revel in replicating textures to a touchable degree of realism.

Motion graphics, video editing and animation

As well as live action and 3D photorealistic GCI videos, we also create motion graphic and 2D animation content. Which can be equally as effective in the hands of our skilled team of video editors and animators.

Explaining technical details

Explaining technical details

We can produce a technical explanation animation which clearly shows a product's unique features. Close ups, construction and product deconstruction animations are a great way to full showcase a product and to simple explain how your product works.

Telling your products unique story

Telling your products unique story

Text and motion graphics can be overlaid or combined with live action video footage to ensure your product's key benefits are clearly explained visually.

Slick editing.  Bringing it all together.

Slick editing. Bringing it all together.

Through insightful editing and unbeatable creativity, our editors and video editing team take exquisitely pre-shot video and carefully crafted animations to the next level. They combine the footage we create, with motion graphics, sound, music and voiceovers to create truly compelling content, fine tuned to sell your brand and products.

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