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Friday, July 31, 2015

Creative Sources: Trend Spotting - See through chic

We’ve seen a wealth of lovely inspirational imagery recently that fits with the ‘see through chic’ trend.

Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends blogs about this trend – here’s some highlights of what she has to say:

“The origin of this trend stems from a highly tech ruled world where we feel increasingly scanned. In today’ s life we face a constant correlation of security and surveillance with the human body being scanned at an airport when we travel, while interacting on the internet or tracked by hidden street cameras.”

“It is a movement that invites to discover and explore in a different way, like looking underneath the surface and being marvelled.”

“The trend is translated into fashion with cloudy and light-as-air transparencies, layering of blurry x-rayed images on tulle, peekaboo panels on silk and airy fabrics with a feel of lightness and delicacy.
Applied colours are b&w and charcoal with a stronger accent and referring to radiographs, whereas in fashion, this trend is decoded with more feminine shades with the aim to underline transparency and softness in Pale Pink, Blush, Eggplant, Aqua and Taupe."

“You ‘ll find this trend mainly in photography, art, graphic design and fashion.”

Indeed you will – and here are some amazing examples we’ve spotted recently:


Lifesize sewn fabric sculptures by Do Ho Suh


This summer’s Serpentine Pavillion


Photographer Guillaume Amat places mirrors into industrial and natural landscapes to look both beyond and behind


Transparent tunnels transform this courtyard


Blu Dot Hot Mesh Chair



String rainbows thread art installations


The Zandwacht


Futuristically illuminated undergarments

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