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Monday, October 29, 2018

Grim Reaper the benefits of Video

Unique and eye-catching video content is essential for your website. We’ve all been sent that cute cat video which then goes viral on social media - your product videos can do exactly that. Sharing on social media brings free exposure to the market place, hitting uncapped audience levels.

This montage of videos our Motion department created for the on-line team at Asda are a great balance of product info with engaging content. These were designed and created in-house, specifically to fit with Asda’s brand guidelines for their advertising campaign.

Consumers insist on instant information; choosing to watch a six second product video rather than a two-minute read across multiple pages. After the initial video content investment, shopping conversion rates and Google rankings are boosted...It’s a simple scream!

To see how you can stand out in the market place have a chat with our Motion team on 01274 610600 or visit our portfolio site for more examples of visually engaging and informative product videos.

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